CMJ Wrap-up

Finally getting to send out my CMJ wrap up. Thanks to Jay and Mahmoud from Flower Booking, Zach from We Listen for You, Bowery Presents and Nate from I Guess I’m Floating for exposing me to so much great music. I put most of the people I met on my mailing lists, if you’d like to be removed there’s a link at the bottom of the page.

I probably saw about 40 bands that week. Here were the bands that really blew my socks off:

GOBBLE GOBBLE. Their Tuesday Night show was great but their Wednesday Night show was completely off the hook.
Both of these shows were upstairs at Pianos… During the second one, I thought the floor was going to cave in because everyone was dancing so hard.
This band has three dancer drummers up front that won’t let the audience be lazy. Its brilliant.
I’m not even going to try and explain the energy this band creates but its definitely along the Dionysian end of things. Check em out here:

2. Sunglasses – Their Saturday night show in the live room as part of the thoroughly excellent Flower Booking night.
They had 3 hula hoop dancers and a bunch of people dancing on stage wearing Sunglasses but it was their music that really floored me.
They played the final set of CMJ on Sunday downstairs as part of the awesomely curated We Listen For You showcase. Zach Hart knows his music.
They are really fun to hang with as well. Check em out here:

3. Hooray for Earth – Bowery Electric – Red Eye showcase. One of the few shows I saw outside of Pianos. They’d make my top five even it I wasn’t working with them. Despite the fact that their set was cut short due to time constraints, I was thrilled that the band sounds so much dirtier and more like APTBS live, which of course I think is a great thing. Check em out here:

4. Everything Everything – Arlene Grocery – Windish Showcase. Another band who’s music is hard to describe, they went on before Shilpa at Arlene’s. The room was packed and dancing at 4 pm on a Saturday. I’d hate to try and describe these guys as it would sell their music short though the Futureheads on crack sort of points the way. Check out this video for their song Photoshop Handsome:

5. Phantom Band – I’m starting to see a commonality about these three bands: their music is unique and impossible to pigeonhole. Phantom Band are from Scotland and this was their first trip to America. Their show had so much energy for a day show, despite the fact that everyone in the room looked extremely hungover.
Check em out here:

6. Caveman – Mellow set upstairs at Pianos on Sunday afternoon. Definitely the best bass player I saw all weekend. This band sounds like the Walkmen but are much more interesting. The words nuanced beauty come to mind:

7. The Pass – There was something in the air Sunday Night. We were the only club with another CMJ showcase that night and it wound up being one of the best parties of the week thanks to We Listen For You (great blog name as well). The Pass sound like a young LCD Soundsystem if they were more into the Cure and more of a rock band. Their exuberance woke up the room and rocked it. Check em out here:

7. PVT – These guys played before Hooray for Earth at the Red Eye part at Bowery Electric. They reminded me of Battles but with a better sense of melody and more interesting. I wasn’t surprised to find out that they are on Warp Records:

My October mix will feature as many of these bands as possible.
Here’s the September monthly mix that I promised to so many of you:

It’s got an incredible song by each of the artists on my roster:

•A Place to Bury Strangers incredible Grinderman remix kicks it off.
•Hooray for Earth’s new single drops this week (watch for that next week), but for now Comfortable, Comparable reminds me of Tears for Fears at their peak.
•The Hood Internet wicked remix of one of my favorite songs of the year: Ariel Pink’s Round and Round.
•The first cut on RX’s new album Luna (hit me up for a copy if this songs lights up your brain the way it does mine).
•Cereal Spiller’s amazing remix of Film School’s Heart Full of Pentagons.

It’s also got new songs by Wild Nothing, the Clientele, Big Boi, the Black Angels, Sufjan Stevens, The Clientele, Sharon Van Etten School of Seven Bells.
Then there’s a ton of new bands I’ve discovered over the past couple of months like Spirit Animal , Foster the People (who just put out the Young Folks of this year), Fitz and the Tantrums, Computer Magic, Weekend and on and on.

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